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A Passion That Helps Bring Families Together Kerry Woehl is well-seasoned in the restaurant industry. She grew up in the restaurant business, from her grandparents to her parents and eventually she followed suit, taking over Yesterday’s Café and a new venture of working with Perkins. Her first experience with the industry was working at her grandparent’s restaurant when young and later working at a restaurant in Yankton as a young teenager. The trade helped put her through college as she waitressed while attending school at Northern State University in Aberdeen, obtaining her teaching degree in Chemistry and Physics. After college, she taught school for a few years before the restaurant atmosphere drew her back in. Her parents, Dan and Bobbie Trimble, began a family operated restaurant 25 years ago, in 1992. Yesterday’s Café resided on the corner of 22nd Street and Broadway in Yankton. Woehl explains how she was drawn back into the industry. “I think that once the restaurant is in your blood, it’s hard to shake it because it’s something you enjoy. You enjoy the challenge.” We laugh as she said, “You sleep pretty good at night.” The restaurant opened a few days before she and husband Toby were married. The couple held their rehearsal dinner there and spent much of their honeymoon working at the restaurant. As they expanded their family, the couple’s three children grew up right alongside them in the business, always helping out when needed. “Whether they wanted to or not,” she adds, laughing. “Our family lifestyle is a little bit different than probably most, because weekends, holidays, nights, when the phone rang, we took care of the family business that provided for us.” The lifestyle helped her children, now ages 22, 24 and 28, grow up with good work ethics, a valuable trait. A Team Player When her parents semi-retired about ten years ago, Woehl and her husband bought them out. Her parents still played a vital role of the team, they were just relieved of more of their responsibilities. Woehl plays an extremely versatile part in the restaurant with responsibilities from scheduling and payroll to food ordering and cooking. She doesn’t like to call herself a manager, explaining, “I hate to use the word 6”x48” planks with a lifetime stress-free warranty, you don’t work very hard.” She saw herself more management, because to me that means as a and to “We try up to example, so we wouldn’t expect anybody else to do designed to coordinate with today’s décorteam player.stand to lead byall of life’s messes. something that we wouldn’t do ourselves,” she states. It’s not unusual to see her helping to clean the bathrooms or take out trash when needed. gton.com | 1.800.356.6787 ©Floor Designs Copyrighted by Mannington Mills, Inc. ®©™Mannington Mills, Inc. 2016 Adura ® LUXURY VINYL TILE | PLANK Featuring a wide array of styles, designs, and possibilities, Adura® combines the look of real wood or tile with the exceptional durability and performance of a premium luxury vinyl ?oor. Larsen Carpet Laminate | Porcelain | Resilient | Hardwood Retailer Imprint 6”x48” planks with a lifetim designed to coordinate with today’s déco 208 Walnut|605.665.2067 Historic Downtown Yankton mannington.com | 1.800.356.6787 18vHERVOICEvNOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 Retailer Imprint Retailer ©Floor Designs Copyrighted by Manning

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