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Real Faces.inReal Voices. Real Women HealtHcaRe. i help support Dr. Willman and the other pediatricians in providing the best possible care for children in our community and the surrounding areas by guiding families to their exam rooms when they come in for a physician visit, providing important education to the parents as well as the patient on the most up-to-date health information, administering the required immunizations, and assisting the doctor with any procedures. Have you had a situation delivering care that really stands out – that was particularly affirming for you? Made you feel – Yes – this is my calling? Yes! there have been situations that stand out that made me feel like pediatric nursing is definitely my calling. When patients as well as their families sincerely thank you for the care that was provided to them, it makes me feel as though i am doing my job to the best of my ability and it is truly making a difference! What do you enjoy most about your job and working for YMC? i’ve always loved working with kids. Working in pediatrics, i am able to interact with children. For me, pediatrics is also enjoyable because i get to watch patients grow and develop through the years, allowing me to develop a rapport with the families. i also enjoy working side by side with dr. Willman since each day provides new educational opportunities for me to increase my knowledge and nursing skills. if you were encouraging someone else to come and work for YMC, what is it that you would focus on or say? YMC is a great place to work because all of the doctors, nurses and staff work well together to provide outstanding care for our patients. the positive environment of the clinic makes it a very rewarding place to work. Jenny Leader r n , Y M C P e d i at r i C n u r s e 2 Years of service So much care, so close to home. ®

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