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The August climb was a success and over half of the group made it to the top. They hiked across Cowlitz and Ingraham Glaciers, leaving camp at 11 pm or midnight, climbing in the night when it was cold so as not loosen any frozen material, causing a climber to fall through the ice. The ice bridges which covered crevices were more stable. All trekkers had crampons on their hiking boots and kept ice picks close at hand, ready to dig into the ice to stop a fall. They were also tethered to one another. When the ‘rope up’ command was given, it meant to get attached to the next guy in front. If a climber missed a foothold, the man behind could drive his ice pick below the climber’s foot to stabilize him. Another danger they watched for was falling material which could throw a hiker’s balance off. “We reached the top at 4 a.m., what a sight, what a feeling,” James said. On the way down, they met two more groups headed for the summit. The couple tackled Mt. Albert in Colorado together because it was as not as challenging as Mt Rainier. James explained it was an easier climb and no technical equipment like ice picks or tethering was needed. It was more of a gradual incline and took the couple about nine to ten hours to reach the top. Then there was Mt. Hood in Oregon, the high point in the state of Florida, and the list goes on. This might be a check-mark on bucket list but it will take the couple a while to cross off all the destinations they have in mind. James wants to high-point all of the lower 48 contiguous states – they have hit 17 since 2014. “The best part of high-pointing is the incredible places we see,” James said. When they traveled on a deep south trip, they hit points in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The memories that stick included driving close to the spot where Bonnie and Clyde were killed and of course, they had to stop. Duck Dynasty couldn’t be missed. “These trips take us off the Interstate to discover wandering roads,” James said. Just as the internet was useful to search for destinations, GPS devices could monitor and record elevations as well as points where a hiker was. As they travel, the couple runs into other outdoor men and women with high-pointing destinations, curious for adventures in hiking and climbing. They have found high-pointing clubs who can be followed on the Internet and made great friends. “The people you climb with have very similar characteristics,” James said. “You become fast friends and realize you are doing something • Boat Repair • Gel Coat significant together.” They stay in touch and follow each other’s climbing • Aluminum • Poly Flake adventures. They are also very encouraging and find fellowship in the • Fiberglass satisfaction of a good climb, the achievement of a goal reached. “I get real satisfaction climbing and I get away from people,” James said. “The serenity, the scenery, natural beauty of the outdoors, there aren’t words.” James admits he may have an obsession and quickly goes on to describe the next trip this fall to states near the Appalachian Mountain Range. “We’ll be close to halfway to our goal after that trip,” James said. Then he reminisces about a trip to the Michigan Peninsula and kayaking on 903 Birch St,. Tyndall, SD • 605.589.3018 Lake Superior – another passion the couple has taken to. Glenn Tycz • gtauto@hcinet.net Don’t Trust Your Boat Repair To Just ANY Body Shop!! GT& repair autobody vBy Linda Wuebben HISVOICEvNOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017v11

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